The Best roulette and slots betting

Many gamblers prefer to play various luck games where they don’t have to think in this or that situation and can just play. First of all, you are recommended to examine the table below where there presented the best roulette betting systems and slot betting variety.

Let’s start with roulette betting. Martingale is the most famous financial strategy that was developed especially for the use in casinos. Applying this strategy you can save your money even if you often lose. However, this strategy is also risky and playing thoughtlessly you can lose everything.

The essence of the strategy is very simple: the amount of the bet is doubled after every loss, and is returned to an initial value after the win. For example, you start to raise from $ 50 and you lose, the next roulette bet is $ 100 and you lose again, then you bet $ 200 and finally you win. That case you manage to return all your money betted. But this kind of roulette betting has several shortcomings. The first one is banal – you may not have the needed sum of money to bet as it’s doubled with every bet. Moreover, your bet size can finally exceed the sum of maximum available casino bet. The third con is psychological: it’s rather nervously to bet such large sums of money after each lost bet despite the fact that the chances of winning grow with each successive bet.

As for slots betting, one should take into account the maximal bet strategy. Slot machines is one of the easiest games at any netcasinos, playing slots you can’t affect the winning combination and it’s rather hard to apply special strategies that will help you to win as the basis of the game is the mechanism of random number generator.

But to gambler’s luck there is a strategy that can be very helpful while playing online slots. It is very often advised to make the maximum bets . That kind of strategy is considered to be the best when playing slots. It gives the opportunity to get the bigger prize if you are lucky. The strategy doesn’t only increase the size of the possible gains, but it also affects its probability. In addition, you get the opportunity to try your luck and win the jackpot, the dimensions of which are rather attractive for those who play progressive slots. If the maximum slot machine bet is too big for you, change the slot machine and choose another one where you will be able to make the maximum bets and try your luck.


The main objective of seven and stripes is to match up symbols and colors on one pay line. It is 3 reel slot casino game. The order of the symbols from left to right are one red 7, one white 7, and one blue 7 respectively. Matching these symbols will multiply your winnings. Play the sevens and stripes by placing bets on the 3 coin slots. Players have the choice to bet on one coin slot or bingo casino game.